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Sprites B-Group

Order ODONATA Fabricius, 1793

Distribution Worldwide - Sprites General
  • Pseudagrion is the largest genus of damselfly in the family Coenagrionidae, with over 140 species.
  • Its range includes most of Africa, much of Asia, and Australia.
  • Africa holds most of the diversity with almost 100 species.
  • It has occupied most of the freshwater habitats in its range, and dominates damselfly communities in habitats as different as desert pools, equatorial rain forests and montane streams.
Distribution in Africa and surrounding Islands
  • The "B-group" has about 25 species - mainly from lowlands and males have spines on S10. 
General identification features
  • The B-group species of Pseudagrion are small to medium-sized (hindwing 14-24 mm), generally paler than those of the A-group, but diverse in the extent of black, bright colours and pruinosity.
  • Inhabit relatively warm habitats, i.e. more often open, stagnant or temporary. Many have broad ecological and geographic ranges..
  • The full distribution and habitat list may be found at African Dragonflies and  Damselflies Online 
General Description
  • Relatively small in size,.
  • Hindwing under 35 mm, Abdomen under 40 mm;
  • Postocular spots often present
  • Transverse ridge on frons absent
  • Abdomen never with orange or red, but often with blue
  • Black markings usually more extensive, humeral stripe usually present, if absent body often with blue
  • Frontwing quadrilateral area with anterior border clearly shorter than distal border
  • Arculus stands at or closer to Ax2.
  • Metapleural suture often with black stripe, rather than black dot at dorsal end
  • S8-9 often at least laterally marked with black;
  • Apex of S10 widely and smoothly excised, rather than narrow excision;
  • Apex of S10 without black denticles, but may have lobes
  • Cerci usually with two distinct branches and paraprocts often pointed but without spine or inferior bulge (lateral view).


  • Only images of males shown
  • Selected in random order as illustration of the B-group sprites
  • The selection is not a representative of the Africa species list

Examples of Sprite B-group

100 173 Pseudagrion acaciae Acacia Sprite Male Old Ndumo KZN RSA Mch 2018r 3Pseudagrion acaciae
Acacia Sprite

100 577 Catshead Sprite Male Rust de Winters Dec 2016r 4Pseudagrion coeleste
Catshead Sprite.

100 1630 Pseudagrion harmoni Swarthy Sprite Marloth Park Sept 2016r 5Pseudagrion harmoni
Swarthy Sprite. 

100 597 Ischnura senegalensis Tropical Bluetail Male Kromdraai Dec 2016r 2Pseudagrion massaicum
Masai Sprite.

100 623 Pseudagrion vaalense Vaal Sprite Parys GP RSA Jan 2016r 5Pseudagrion vaalense
Vaal Sprite,

 [Adapted from Dijkstra & Clausnitzer 2014]


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