Images of Dragonflies and Damselflies of southern Africa

Southern Africa has a rich diversity of Odonata (Dragonflies and Damselflies). Several families/genera are found in the region.
Species vary between sexes and subtly change colour with age yet the basic identification marks stay visible BUT in species like the Skimmers (Orthetrum ) may disappear completely

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Examples of images to be found under this menu.

100 693 Sympetrum fonscolombii Nomad Beaulieu Jan 2015r 1Young Male,
Sympetrum fonscolombii

108 543 Sympetrum fonscolombii Nomad Male Somerset West WCP Sep 2015Young Male,
NomadSympetrum fonscolombii

125 501 Flapper Hooktail Male KZN RSA Dec 2017r 3Male
Flapper HooktailParagomphus sabicus

100 903 Trithemis annulata Violet Dropwing Male Malelane Sept 2016r 2Male,
Violet Dropwing
Trithemis annulata

Menu Item : Images/Damselflies 

Examples of images to be found under this menu.

 Phaon iridipennis Glistening Demoiselle Male Male
Glistening Demoiselle 
Phaon iridipennis Male

100 052 Platycypha calgata Dancing Jewel Mooinooi NWP RSA MCH 2015r 5Male
Dancing Jewel
Platycypha calgata

102 031 2020 01 18 Mac mac 2Male
Harlequin Sprite
Pseudagrion newtoni,

100 562 Lestes pallidus Pallid Spreadwing Young Male RNR GP RSA Jan 2017r 7Young Male  
Pallid Spreadwing
Lestes pallidus 



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