Common Citril Image Album

Common Citril    Ceriagrion glabrum    Gewone Aljander

Common Citril Image Gallery Images photographed in their natural habitat to aid in the identification of the damselfly species Common Citril 

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Citril Kosi maleImages

100 2602 Ceriagrion glabrum Common Citril Male Close up Bang Neck KZN RSA Mch 2019r 2Male

100 127 Common Citril close Haenertsburg Dec 2015 r 3 of 5Male

100 022 Ceriagrion glabrum Common Citril Female Close up Jgomo Kgomo Apr 2017r 1Female

102 004 Citril Kosi male rImage Gallery by Helena Coetzee

117 001 Image Gallery by Corrie du Toit

122 001 Common Citril Ceriagrion glabrum Black Lake 5 Apr 08Image Gallery by Steve Woodall




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