Family Chlorocyphidae
  • Genus Platycypha .4 Genera, 12 species. 2 species in Southern Africa. One is endemic
  • Genus Chlorocypha.  About 30 Species in Africa One species, Chlorocypha consueta have historic records in South Africa.
  • Genus Africocypha, Localised Lower Guinean genus
  • Genus Stenocypha, 5 Species centred in the Albertine Rift Valley of Central Africa
  • The family occurs only in the Old World tropics, but is absent from Madagascar and Australia.
  • It comprises fifteen to twenty genera, the majority of which are Oriental.
  • However, with almost 50 species, about a third of the family’s species diversity is Afrotropical.
General Information:
  • Jewels are recognised by their pig-like snout, short abdomen and bright colours, especially reds and blues.
  • Females of most species are dull.
  • Males have dancing courtship and territorial displays. During these displays they flaunt the colours of their legs.
  • Boulder Jewel, Platycypha fitzsimonsi is endemic to South Africa
  • There are only historic records of Ruby Jewel, Chlorocypha consueta, in South Africa.
General Identification information:
  • Species identifications should be based on mature males only.
  • Immature specimens may have very dull and different colours and cannot reliably be identified.
  • When cold, specimens often appear darker and blotchy.
  • Females must preferably be identifies in conjunction with a male.

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