Blue Basker Image Gallery

Blue Basker   Urothemis edwardsii      Blousonvangertjie

Blue Basker Image Gallery is a gallery of images to assist with the identification of damselfly species, Blue Basker, Urothemis edwardsii, Blousonvangertjie

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100 1034 Urothemis edwardsii Blue Basker Male Tzaneen Nov 2016r 1Image Gallery

Urothemis edwardsii Blue Basker MaleMale

100 2063 Urothemis edwardsii Blue Basker Female Close up Ndumo KZN RSA Mch 2018r 3Female.








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Further reading:

he IUSN Red list of Threatened Species (Least Concern)
A Visual Guide to the Damselflies and Dragonflies of South Africa




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