Lucia Widow Image Gallery

Lucia Widow   Palpopleura lucia     Lucia-weetjie

Lucia Widow Image Gallery as an identification aid for the dragonfly species Lucia Widow, Palpopleura lucia, Lucia-weetjie

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100 701 Palpopeura lucia Lucia Widow Kasane Apr 2014 r 1Image Gallery

100 1209 Palpopleura lucia Lucia WidowMale Close up Kozi Bay KZN Mch 2017r 1Mature Male

100 1208 Palpopleura lucia Lucia Widow Close up Male Marloth Park Sept 2016r 3Male

100 750 Palpopleura lucia Lucia Widow Female Close up Marloth Park Sept 2016r 2Female

100 1941 Palpopleura lucia Lucia Widow Female Close up1 Ndumo KZN RSA Mch 2018r 1Mature Female






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