100 000 Phaon iridipennis Glistening Demoiselle Male Marlothpark MP RSA Apr 2017r 4 100 171 Phaon iridipennis glistening Demoiselle Female KZN RSA Mch 2017r 5 100 172 Phaon iridipennis Glistening Demoiselle Female Marlothpark MP RSA Apr 2017r 1

Glistening Demoiselle.       Glinsterjuffertjie

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100 000 Phaon iridipennis Glistening Demoiselle Male Marlothpark MP RSA Apr 2017r 4
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Glistening Demoiselle, Phaon iridipennis, Genus Phaon, Family Calopterygidae, very large, ground-living, metallic, greenish brown, with large, rounded, glistening wings made up of dense and delicate netlike veins At rest sitting with wings held at a 35° angle.

Key identification features:


  • The largest damselfly in South Africa
  • Face is buff colour, with green and brown.
  • Eyes are dark green brown above, with lower part light green.
  • Thorax is buff colour, brown with metallic green and buff coloured stripes.
  • Wings are very large, rounded and glistening, becoming smoky with age.
  • Pterostigmas light brown that turns dark with age. Abdomen metallic green with brownish rings at the segmental joints.


  • Very similar to males, but less metallic.
Similarities with other species:
  • Unmistakable due to size, habitat and the way the wings are held when sitting.
Distribution and habitat:
  • Warmer eastern and northern parts of South Africa.
  • Like bushy undergrowth, on or close to the ground. Sometime seen at the edge of forest clearings.
  • Near fast flowing streams
  • Seldom flies. Normally sit on twigs in the horizontal position.
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