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Short description:

Goldtail, Allocnemis leucostuca, Genus Allocnemis, Family Platycnemididae, is slender, mostly black, with black and pale blue thorax, smoky wings, white pterostigmas and abdomen with golden tip.

Key identification features:


  • White pterostigmas and golden tip at the end of the abdomen is diagnostic.
  • Wings are smoky.
  • Thorax black with light pale blue.


  • Similar but less brightly coloured.
  • Abdomen tip blueish with sometime yellow colouring.
Compared with other species:
  • Unmistakable. No other spesies to compare with.
Distribution and habitat:
  • Endemic to South Africa.
  • Clear, shallow, forest streams. Varies from well forested areas to occasional bushes and trees.
  • Montane forests along the coastal highlands from Western Cape - to Limpopo Provinces.
  • Flits in sunny spots among branches overhanging streams, landing and perching in a conspicuous position.
  • The white pterostigmas are clearly visible in flight.
  • Fluttering flight pattern.
  • Sometime in large numbers.
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