117 043 Platycypha fitzsimonsi Boulder Jewel 117 597 Platycypha fitzsimonsi Boulder Jewel 108 021 Platycypha fitzsimonsi Boulder Jewel Immature Male Kogelberg Western Cape 19 10 2016

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Short description:

Boulder Jewel, Platycypha fitzsimonsiGenus PlatycyphaFamily Chlorocyphidae is small sized, stocky short abdomen and brightly coloured.

Key identification features:
  • Black face and eyes.
  • Smokey wings at base with black pterostigmas.
  • Males with deep reddish striped thorax, red abdomen with blue tip. Red and white legs.
  • Females yellowish brown striped thorax and abdomen.
Compared with other species:
  • Unmistakable coloring in the Southern Cape but similar to Platycypha caligata (Dancing Jewel) along the Eastern coast.
  • P. caligata has an all blue abdomen. P. fitzsimonsi red & blue.
Distribution and habitat:
  • Flag of South Africa.svg Endemic to South Africa.
  • Favours rocky streams and rivers of the Southern Cape and East coast with tall grasses on their banks.
  • A few records exist from Mpumalang
  • Usually rests on exposed boulders.
  • Short flights from vegetation to rocks.
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