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Catshead Sprite.    Broodruggesie.

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Short Description:

Pseudagrion coeleste,Catshead SpriteGenus Pseudagrion (B–group), Family Coenagrionidae, is a small bright blue damsel with cat’s head marking on S2 of the abdomen.

Key identification features:


  • Eyes greenish  with a sky-blue body with black markings. 
  • Face is greenish blue.  Back of head is black with large pale bluish green postocular spots. 
  • Black band on top of the head reach the bases of the antenna. 
  • Upper thorax is bluish green with black humeral stripe. Side of the thorax is light blue with black stripe. Wings are clear with light brown to dark mauvish brown pterostigmas. 
  • Abdomen greenish blue below with black dorsal stripe. S1 is blue with black basal spot. The marking on S2 is shaped like a cat's head. This may vary in the northern region (catshead shape with long rabbit like ears) or in Southern form (short cat ears). S3-7 has shiny rings. S8-9 are completely blue. S10 is blue with black dorsal X and black appendages.


  • Greenish blue with large green postocular spots. 
  • Upper thorax is brown with black humeral stripe.
Compared with other species:

Distinct postocular spots. 

  • Thoracic blue stripe of Pseudagrion coeleste is much wider than that of Pseudagrion assegaii (Asssegaai Sprite)
  • Abdominal marking on S2 is cat's head shaped in P. Coeleste, but spear-shaped in  Pseudagrion assegaii.  Female are more blueish than females of other sprite species.
Distribution and habitat:
  • Eastern Lowveld of South Africa and North eastern KZN.
  • Frequents and rest the fringes of swamps, marshes, pools, and dammed reaches of rivers with an abundance of grass, floating lily pads, reeds and sedges.  
  • Rests and flits among emergent, rank vegetation. Often rests on lily pads.
Further reading:
http://vmus.adu.org.za/vm_map_afr.php?&database=odonata&grid=2&outline=1&key=0&map=4&spp=663710 Books:
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