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Common Tigertail.     Gewone Streepstert

(Rambur. 1842)

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Short description:

Common Tigertail, Ictinogomphus ferox, Genus Ictinogomphus, Family Gomphidae, is very large size, black with dull yellow tiger-stripes, with a big head and boldly striped thorax. Long thin abdomen with large club.

Key identification features:

Abdomen markings alternate between brownish-black and yellowish bands with large foliation on S8. Blue eyes. Pterostigmas are long and dark black.
Females are similar to male but with smaller foliations. The claspers are small and triangular shaper when view from the side.

Compared with other species:

Larger than other gomphids in the region. Abdominal markings are unmistakable.

Distribution and habitat:

Common and widespread across the warm eastern and northern side of South Africa.
Prefers standing waters, large lakes, rivers, and probably also flowing channels in marshes, in open landscapes. Often with a sandy and/or soft (like muddy) bottom. From 0 to 2000 m above sea level, but mostly below 1500.


Flies swiftly for short duration, often out over the water, before returning to a regular perch, normally close to the water edge.

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