108 507 Ceratogomphus triceraticus Cape Thorntail Male Kogelberg Western Cape 18 11 2015

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Ceratogomphus triceraticus. (Balinsky, 1963)
Cape Thorntail.     Kaapse Doringstert.

Short description:

Large. Dark yellow and brownish thorax with large foliation.

Key identification features:

Large size and very dark in appearance. Large foliation only on S8 and strong forward pointing spine on S10.
Wings faintly greenish with black pterostigmas.
Females are brighter and have smaller foliations.

Compared with other species:

Larger size and overall darker than Ceratogomphus pictus (Common Thorntail) which is more yellow.
Black markings on thorax, abdomen and foliation is considerably darker than C. pictus.

Distribution and habitat:

Endemic to South Africa and restricted to the Southern Cape.
Frequents wide and shallow streams with bushes and exposed rocks.


Flies low over bushes. A strong flier that perches on the ground or low vegetation.

Further reading:
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Odonata Atlas of Africa VMU Number 664560

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