The Family Gomphidae can be identified by the unique pattern on the dorsal part of the thorax.

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Common Thorntail. Ceratogomphus pictus. Male Common Thorntail. Ceratogomphus pictus. Female

100 1497 Ceratogomphus pictus Common Thorntail Male Hertzogberg MP RSA Nov 2017r 12

100 1510 Ceratogomphus pictus Common Thorntail Female Wilgerivier MP RSA Nov 2017r 1

 Rock Hooktail. Paragomphus cognatus Male  
100 1509 Paragomphus cognatus Rock Hooktail Male Wilgerivier MP RSA Nov 2017r 1  
Corckscrew Hooktail. Paragomphus elpidius. Male  

100 1058 Paragomphus elpidius Corckscrew Hooktail Male Close UPNdumu KZN RSA MCH 2017r 6


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