There are 3 genera and 4 species in the southern African region.

General appearance:

  • Colourful and easily identified by colour only.
  • Females differ slightly from males (abdomen colour and pattern and thorax colour)

The following steps are recommended as an aid to identifying this family.

  • Colour.
      Overall colour.
      Eyes and forehead markings.
  • Appendages (between male and female within the species)

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Friendly Hawker, Zosteraeschna miniscula. Forest Hawker, Zosteraeschna Usambarica
117 502 Zosteraeschna miniscula Friendly Hawker The Forest Hawker has escaped our cameras
(but not for long)
 Stream Hawker, Pinheyschna subpupillata.  Evening Hawker, Anaciaeschna triangulifera
107 509 Pinhheyschna subpupillata Stream Hawker Female Napier WCP RSA Oct 2016r 10 118 504 Anaciaeschna triangulifera Enseleni NR 1

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