Interesting facts

107 582 St Lucia Basker Dec Richardsbay KZN RSA 2019r 4
Urothemis luciana, St_Lucia Basker, Male
One of the smallest Dragonflies in the southern region

Beautiful Damselflies

100 024 Ceriagrion glabrum Common Citril Mystic Monkeys LP RSA Jan 2017r 1
Agriocnemis falcifera,
White-masked Wisp, Male
Chlorolestes fasciatus, Mountain Malachite, Male
Chlorolestes fasciatus
Mountain Malachite, Male

Whats new with the Dragonflies

Paragomphus magnus, Great Hooktail
Paragomphus magnus,
Great Hooktail Female

Beautiful Dragonflies

Trithemis wernerii, Elegant Dropwing
Trithemis wernerii,
Elegant Dropwing
102 570 2016 12 08 Rioolplaas 2
Orthetrum trinacria
Long Skimmer

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