Articles on Dragonflies and Damselflies of Interest

A histoiry of ordonatology

Commemorating R. S Tillyard


What is a Drahonfly

Meganeura, Prehistoric Dragonfly With 2.5 Feet Wingspan

Paper on the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Angola

Biodiversity of Angola
The dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata) of Angola EPub

Balinsky, B.I. (1963). A contribution towards the systematics of dragonflies of southern Africa (Odonata). Journal Entomological Society Southern Africa, 26, 228-255.
A discription of the various patterns on s 2od Pseudagrion coelest is included Well worth reading

Balinsky, B.I. (1961). Observations on the dragonfly fauna of the coastal region of Zululand, with descriptions of three new species (Odonata). Journal Entomological Society Southern Africa, 24, 72-91.

Ris, F. (1921). The Odonata or Dragonflies of South Africa. Annals South African Museum, XVIII, 245-452.

Odonata: Who They Are and What They Have Done for Us Lately: Classification and Ecosystem Services of Dragonflies

Melanism in Odonata
Melanic individuals in color polymorphic Enallagma damselflies result from phenotypic, not genetic, variation

Compound Eyes

Colour vision in Dragonflies

Compound Eyes

Dragonflies and damselflies of Namibia
By Frank Suhling and Andreas Martins

Key to Odonata larvae identification
By Frank Suhling and Andreas Martins

Obelisk posture (abdomen raised skywards)

Eyes of the dragonfly

Parts (morphology) of a dragonfly

What are dragonfly wing made of?

Odonata and water mites

Damselfly in Amber***

Dragonfly facts for Kids

Dragonfly Female Sexual Organ

Diagram of Dragonfly Male Primary and Secondary Genitalia

Sperm removal by Male Dragonfly before inseminating female

Dragonfly flight

In the eye of the dragonfly

Short but very good article on Dragonflies.
By Klaas-Douwe Dykstra

Dragonfly Facts and Symbolism

Odonata and Water Mites

Small dragonfly found to be world's longest-distance flyer

Dragonfly Anatomy. Names of the parts of Dragonfly/Damselfly

14 Fun facts about dragonflies

Dragonflies Strange Love

Larvae and how to Identify them

Key to Odonata Larvae Identification.

How Odonata fly
Click on this reference for a great post by Christie Craig from the Animal Demographic Unit.

Longest insect migration revealed

How long do Dragonflies live

External Anatomy of a Dragonfly and Damselfly. A nice annotated drawing.

Obilisk posture (Abdomen raised skywards)

Emergence of a dragonfly

How does a bug get its name?
The way scientist give a name to a bug on this lovely earth

Eyes of the dragonfly

Postures that a dragonfly can assume

10 Brutal facts about Dragonflies

The little stripe on a wingtip Pterostigma

Dragonfly behaviour

Dragonfly Biology

Parts of a dragonfly

Veins on the wing of Dragonflies (insects)

What Dragonfly wing are made of

How to photograph Dragonflies

Sexual Dimorphism

Odonata and Water Mites


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