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Dragonfly photo hunting is popularised by the hard work of photographers. Many of their images are of very rare species that is seldom seen. Thanks to them we now are able to show these species to the world
This website strive to assist and pay homage to these hard working contributes by giving them a forum to publish their hard work

Examples of great images by our photographers randomly selected.

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117 585 Anax ephippiger Vagrant EmperorCorrie du Toit






102 523 Female Anac imperator Blue emperor Moreleta kloofHelena Coetzee117 004 Chlorolestes conspicuus Conspicuous Malachite 2Corrie Du Toit 115 510 eddie 13A4855Eddie Reinecke108 011 Elattoneura frenulata Sooty Threadtail Male Kogelberg Western Cape 18 11 2015Ryan Tippett118 507 Gynacantha usambarica Kosi Bay 1Basil Boer 104 509 Notogomphus praetotius Yellowjack Febr 2016r 3Corne Rautenbach119 046 I5A3196Katharina Reddig122 504 Evening Hawker Anaciaeschna triangulifera Old Airport 24 Nov 12r 1Steve Woodal


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