Guides to to identify similar looking species

Southern Africa has a rich diversity of Odonata (Dragonflies and Damselflies).
Several species are difficult to identify down to the individual species within a genus
To separate these similar looking species, guides are provided pointing out the recognition marks

Illustrative Images :

Example of similar looking dragonfly species

  • Skimmers (Family Orthetrum)

100 806 Orthetrum caffrum Two stripped Skimmer Female Mereletta Sept 2015r 4Young Male
Orthetrum caffrum (Strepieskepper)
Two-stripped Skimmer

100 1178 Orthetrum chrysostigna Epaulet Skimmer Teneral Female Vaalwater LP RSA Apr 2017r 4Female
Orthetrum chrysostigna (Epouletskepper)
Epaulet Skimmer

100 530 Orthetrum abbotti Little skimmer Female Ezemvelo GP RSA Jan 2016r 3Female
Orthetrum abbotti (Kleinskepper)
Little skimmer

Example of similar looking Damselfly species

  • Malachites (Chlorolestes)

105 001 Chlorolestes Draconicus male 2015 01 01Male
Chlorolestes draconicus (Drakensbergmalagiet) Drakensberg Malachite

108 001 Chlorolestes conspicuus Conspicuous Malachite Female Jokershoek Western Cape March 2016Male
Chlorolestes conspicuus (reusemalagiet) Conspicuous Malachite

Chlorolestes fasciatus, Mountain Malachite, MaleMale
Chlorolestes fasciatus, (BergMalagiet)
Mountain Malachite


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