Guides as identification aid for damselflies

Several Damselfly species can be difficult to identify by colour, shape or size.
Guides will assist with the identification of similar species and assist in learning the different identification marks

 Three similar looking Damselfly species

100 162 Africallagma fractum Slender Bluet Male Haenertsburg LP RSA Dec 2015r 6Male
Slender Bluet. (Slanke Bloutjie)
Africallagma fractum

108 019 Africallagma glaucum Swamp Bluet Male Wolseley Western Cape 15 10 2016Male
Swamp Bluet (Vleibloutjie)
Africallagma glaucum

105 011 Proischneura rotundipennis male 2016 01 30Male
Round-winged Bluet (Rondevlerk Bloutjie) Proischnura rotundipennis


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