Guides as identification aid for Dragonflies

Several dragonfly species can be difficult to identify by colour, shape or size.
Guides will aid with the identification of similar species and assist in learning the different identification marks.

Images of  three similar looking Dropwing Species

100 1401 Trithemis donaldsoni Denim Dropwing Male Melkrivier LP RSA Sept 2017r 4Male
Denim Dropwing, (Denimvalvlerkie)
Trithemis donaldsoni

115 510 eddie 13A4855Male
Highland  Dropwing, (Hooglandvalvlerkie)
Trithemis dorsalis 

100 932 Trithemis furva Navy Dropwing Male Kloofzight GP RSA Oct 2016r 2Male
Navy Dropwing (Blouvalvlerkie)
Trithemis furva


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