Family Gomphidae      Rambur, 1842

Africa   Africa
  • Endemic to tropical Africa    Africa
  • Currently 10 species are known but more species may well be found
Southern Africa
  • Two species visible in south Africa'
  •  Spined Fairytail, L. angustus and the recently described Silky's Fairytail, L silkeae seen in the Eastern lowveld are on rare occasions Closely resembles L. angustus and inspection of the rlasper structure.
General description:
  • Very small (hindwing 17-23 mm),
  • Slender abdomen and narrow wings, recalling a damselfly (the scientific name derives from Lestes).
  • Abdominal segment 10 is elongated in both sexes and bent down at rest
Habitat and behaviour
  • Habitats are poorly known, probably mostly streams and rivers with forest, e.g. L. congoensis prefers small, open and rather muddy streams and L. angustus rivers with gallery forest.
Identification guide
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Identification guide

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