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Tramea basilaris Keyhole GliderTramea basilaris Keyhole glider
Nomadic species that breeds in temporary pools

Beautiful Damselflies

100 024 Ceriagrion glabrum Common Citril Mystic Monkeys LP RSA Jan 2017r 1
Agriocnemis falcifera,
White-masked Wisp, Male

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Whats new with the Dragonflies

Palpopleura deceptor Deceptive Widow
Palpopleura deceptor
Deceptive Widow Male

Beautiful Dragonflies

100 2346 Phyllomacromia contumax Two banded Cruiser Nwanedi LP RSA Dec 2018r 15Phyllomacromia picta
Darting Cruiser
100 758 Barbet Percher Male Roodeplaat N R Dec 2016 r 6Diplacodes luminans
Barbet Percher

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