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100 1699 Tetrathemis polleni Black splashed Elf Kozi Bay KZN Mch 2017r 2Tetrathemis polleni Black-splashed Elf
Males fights for the dominant perch over a shady pool

100 024 Ceriagrion glabrum Common Citril Mystic Monkeys LP RSA Jan 2017r 1White-masked Wisp, Male Agriocnemis falcifera 

Information South Africa 

Whats new with the Dragonflies

100 2052 Palpopleura jacunda Yellow veined Widow Female Mooinooi NWP RSA Dec 2015r 6Palpopleura jacunda
Yellow veined Widow Female

100 2115 Diplacodes pumila Dwarf Percher Female Hertzogberg MP RSA Nov 2017r 2Diplacodes pumila
Dwarf Percher Female

100 1756 Gomphidia guarrei Southern Fingertail Melkrivier1 LP RSA JDec 2017r 7Gomphidia guarrei 
Southern Fingertail Male


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