Family Libellulidae      (Leach, 1815)

Distribution Worldwide
  • 2 species 
  • One species found in the new world tropics
  • 1 species widespread common in the African tropics.  
General information:
  • Fairly large, big-eyed species, entirely pale brown turning red with maturity, with
  • Distinctive hindwing markings being a large brown patch in the inner part  and mirrored by a patch of white pruinosity on the outer part of the wing
  • Recognised by milky-white wing hindwing band-like markings standing out when perching or in flight.
  • Females deposit eggs in flight on a submerged substrate (usually a leaf), typically the female turns around before each downward swoop This behaviour gave reason to the vernacular name.
Habitat and behaviour
  • Hanging in dense vegetation during the day, it is active at dawn, dusk and before rain, flying erratically over standing water
  • The milky-white wing markings standing out in near-darkness
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