Family Gomphidae Rambur, 1842


  • About ten species are confined to forested streams in tropical Asia


  • Three or more small (hindwing 21-25 mm) and dark species in Africa.

South Africa

  • One species photographed for the first time in April 2019 Exuva fond in several locations
General information:
  • They are extremely elusive: larvae, exuviae and even adult females are easier to find than males. For example, the only record of the genus from South Africa was first photographed on the Blyderiver at Swadini, LP and of  larval skins (identified or unidentified) near the northern border of Eswatini and on rivers in the Krugerpark Nature Park , while larvae collected in Sierra Leone suggest three species occur together in western Africa, while only two are named.
  • Because there are few collected specimens and these all seem very similar, only differing subtly in male appendages, the species’ taxonomy is unresolved.
  • The genus itself, however, is easily identified by its size, distinctive venation, and simple markings.
Identification guide
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Credit to Klaas-Douwe Dijkstra for the descriptions


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