Family Libellulidae Leach, 1815

The name Basker is the common group name for two Genera 

  • Basker.  Genus Urothemis
  • Pygmy Basker. Genus Aethriamanta


  • Ranges from Australia across Asia to Africa
  • 5 species in Africa with 3 visible in the southern region

Pygmy Baskers:

  • Four species are known from tropical Asia to Australia, with one throughout tropical Africa and Madagascar
General identification features
  • Fairly large (hindwing 30-39 mm) The  Pygmy Basker is very small (hindwing 19-23 mm)
  • Bright red with one species blue pruinosed
  • Typically rest in ‘pennant’ position, i.e. at the tip of a conspicuous perch, with legs thrust forward and wings raised.
  • The bright red U. assignata (Red Basker) and dark blue U. edwardsii (Blue Basker) are common at open marshes and ponds throughout Africa.
  • U. luciana (St Lucia Basker) is recorded irregularly in north-eastern South Africa but more records is emerging .
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 Pygmy Basker

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