Family Coenagrionidae Kirby, 1890
  • Genus Ceriagrion Selys, 1876


  • Genus occurs from Africa, through Eurasia, to Australia with about 50 species,
  • Nineteen are Afrotropical,
  • One (C. tenellum) Western Palearctic and most others Oriental, where known as waxtails


  • Nineteen are Afrotropical,
Southern Africa
  • Common Citril, Cerasgrion glabrum.
  • Suave Citril, Ceragrion suave.
  • There are 50 species worldwide with 20 in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Two species present in Southern African region.
  • Suave Citril only be found in Northern KZN, Mpumalanga Lowveld. Recently located in the Limpopo valley near Musina.
  • All species favour marshy, mostly stagnant, habitats.
General Identification:
  • Small to medium-sized (hindwing 14-24 mm)
  • Complete abdomen is orange to red (Diagnostic)
  • Identification must confirmed by the transverse ridge between the antennae.
  • Identify by close inspection on the upper and lower claspers and protrusions on s10.
  • Females are more olive green to fawn but become more orange with age, but is best identified by association with males.

Where available only males are shown
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