Family Gomphidae      Rambur, 1842

Worldwide Distribution:

  • Over 15 species are known, ranging east to Australia


General description:
  • Males are very large (hindwing 38-51 mm) black-and-yellow dragonflies
  • Favour calm water
  • I. ferox (Common Tigertail)occurs at marshes, ponds, lakes and calm rivers.
  • I. dundoensis (Swamp Tigertail) in marshy rivers like in the Okavango Delta, and I. regisalberti (Congo Tigertail) and its western counterpart I. fraseri (Western Tigertail) at rivers, often in forest.
  • Perch conspicuously on prominent stakes over water, raising abdomen to display the distinctly foliated end
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Images of southern African Clubtails

Genus Ictinogomphus Genust Distribution Map Africca July 2021Genus Ictinogomphus

Ictinogomphus dundoensis Swamp Tigertail Distribution Map Jul 20212021Ictinogomphus dundoensis
Swamp Tigertail

Ictinogomphus ferox Comon Tigertail Distribution Map Africa July 2021Ictinogomphus ferox
Common Tigertail

Ictinogomphus fraseri Western Tigertail Distribution Map Africa July 2021Ictinogomphus fraseri
Western Tigertail

Ictinogomphus regisalberti Congo Tigertail Distribution Map Africa July 2021Ictinogomphus regisalberti
Congo Tigertail





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