Family Gomphidae      Rambur, 1842

Worldwide Distribution:
  • Over 15 species are known, ranging east to Australia
  • Four species in Africa
General description:
  • Males are very large (hindwing 38-51 mm) black-and-yellow dragonflies
Habitat and behaviour
  • Perch conspicuously on prominent stakes over water, raising abdomen to display the distinctly foliated end
  • Favour calm water
  • I. ferox (Common Tigertail)occurs at marshes, ponds, lakes and calm rivers.
  • I. dundoensis (Swamp Tigertail) in marshy rivers like in the Okavango Delta, and I. regisalberti (Congo Tigertail) and its western counterpart I. fraseri (Western Tigertail) at rivers, often in forest.
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