Family Libellulidae      (Leach, 1815)

Also known as the Globe Skimmer or Winged Wanderer.

Distribution Worldwide
  • 2 Species  with one species occurring in America only.
  • Pantala flavescens occurring on all continents except Antarctica and most of Europe
General information:
  • .Complete its life cycle in as little as one month.
  • There are indications for annual trans-oceanic migrations between Africa and India. 
  • The large surface area of their wings, enables them to ride the prevailing winds, often at altitudes of more than 1000 km, while dining on aerial plankton and small insects.
Habitat and behaviour
  • Great numbers may be seen on the move in the dry season, swarming around trees at the onset of rains, and patrolling over puddles, as well as swimming pools and shiny car roofs
  • Females may lay eggs on shiny surfaces like cars or shinny floors
  • Perch in the hanging position but not often.
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Pantala flavescens Pantala Distribution Map Africa Dec 2021Distribution
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