Sable Cruiser, Phyllomacromia monoceros , Swartswalker

101 654   Young Female Nwanedi LP RSA SEP 2016

 Young Female Nwanedi LP RSA SEP 2016


Short description:

Sable Cruiser, Phyllomacromia monoceros, Swartswalker is very large sized, with metallic black and yellow coloration with a pronounced clubtail and long vertical spine at the end of the abdomen (s 10).

 Previously known or also known as the Unicorn Cruiser or Black Cruiser

 Family Macromiidae      (Needham, 1903)

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Phyllomacromia monoceros Sable Cruiser Young Female Nwanedi LP RSA SEP 2016Image

Phyllomacromia monoceros Sable Cruiser RSAMale









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Key identification features:

Male:   Phyllomacromia monoceros Sable Cruiser RSA

  • Face is brownish to olive becoming yellow laterally. Frons is dark brown, slightly metallic with a diffuse, yellow spot on top. Vertex is metallic bluish-black. 107 577 Phyllomacromia monoceros Sable Cruiser RSA r 4
  • Eyes are turquoise, bluish above, more greenish below. 107 577 Phyllomacromia monoceros Sable Cruiser RSA r 4 Phyllomacromia monoceros Sable Cruiser RSA
  • Thorax is dark brown and greenish yellow striped, with slight sheen on dark areas. Antehumeral stripe always complete Phyllomacromia monoceros Sable Cruiser RSA
  • Wings are clear to smoky. Hind wing 34-42 mm. Costa largely black, not contrasting with pterostigmas
  • Abdomen is narrow with a club from s7-9. Largely dark brown to black with a small yellow saddle on s2, and small yellow spots. Black of genital lobe and dorsum s2 usually connected by black bar 107 575 Phyllomacromia monoceros Sable Cruiser RSA r 6, although s5-6 almost completely black. First third of s7 with yellow ring. s8- 10, and superior appendages black 107 576 Phyllomacromia monoceros Sable Cruiser RSA r 2. S9 with a backward-pointing spine, and s10 with a huge, conical, upright spine 107 578 Phyllomacromia monoceros Sable Cruiser RSA r 7 . S10 without tooth at base of peak 


  • Similar but much stouter and marginally larger.
  • Streams shaded by forest. Often with coarse detritus and a sandy, soft (like muddy) and/or probably gravelly bottom, and probably submerged roots. 
  • Inferred to occur from 0 to 2000 m above sea level.
  • Perches very conspicuously on tips of sedge or reeds in open water. Often seen cruising among treas in open clearings
Compared with other species:

Phyllomacromia monoceros Sable Cruiser Distribution Map July 2020 Map

Phyllomacromia monoceros Sable Cruiser Africa Distribution Map Mch 2021









South Africa:

  • Very rare and localised in the north and north eastern escarpment mountains and adjacent hillsides of Limpopo- and Mpumalanga Provinces.


  •  Democratic Republic of the Congo; Kenya; Malawi; Mozambique; Republic of South Africa; Tanzania; Zambia; Zimbabwe
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Credit for description and comparison to Michael J Samways