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Family Gomphidae      Rambur, 1842

  • Endemic to tropical Africa   Africa
    • Five species with three pale stripes on each side of the thorax occur from eastern Africa to Cameroon
    • However, the species occurring further west, all with five stripes on each side, are taxonomically unresolved. Several species have rarely been recorded since their description, and some not at all
    • One species are confined to difficult to reach habitat making it difficult to record
  • One species visible in South Africa namely Bold Leaftail (P selysi)
General description:
  • Males are large (hindwing 35-47 mm)
  • Robust and perch conspicuously with abdomen raised, showing the large foliations on abdominal segment 8, thus recalling Ictinogomphus.
  • Abdomen tip is distinctly rufous or yellow
  • Abdominal segment 10 is enlarged and bent down
  • In Ictinogomphus (Tigertails) (Tigertails) all segments are aligned and similarly black-and-yellow.
Habitat and behaviour
Identification guide
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A selection of images

107 546 IMG 2701 1 Phyllogomphus selysi Bold Leaftail