Family Aeshnidae Leach, 1815

There is 1 genus with 3 species in the southern African region.

General appearance:

  • Sombre-coloured and relatively easily identified by colour and markings only.
  • The thin and very constricted waist.
  • Females differ slightly from males (abdomen colour and pattern and thorax colour)

The following steps are recommended as an aid to identifying this family.

  • Colour.
      Overall (sombre) colour.
      Abdomen patterns and in general the thin and very constricted waist.
  • Thorax.
      Presence or absence of a black rim around the metastigma.
      Eyes and forehead markings.
  • Appendages (Claspers)
      Between the Different species
      Between male and female within the species)
  • Size.
  • Wing venation:
      Long broad wings
      Number of Ax veins in the forewing
      Weather a single or double row of cells is present between the R2 and R3 veins
      Weather the anal triangle is 3- or 4-celled
  • Only males are shown To view Females please follow the link to the main page

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