True Riverjacks, Blue Riverjacks

Family Platycnemididae Yakobson & Bianchi, 1905


  • Endemic to Africa, five species are described, with one of the closely related genus Metacnemis in South Africa.

Southern Africa

General Identification:
  • Genus Mesocnemis
    • Fairly large (hindwing 19-27 mm)
    • Robust and pale brownish with limited black markings when teneral
    • Males become blue-eyed and entirely dark, extensively covered with thick whitish pruinosity, which is thinner on abdominal segments 3-7 only.
  • Genus Metacnemis
    • Male’s brightly blue-and-black  body.
    • Female is equally robust but coloured dramatically differently, appearing almost uniformly orange brown with cream sides of thorax and abdomen
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  • Genus Mesocnemis
    • The genus is most diverse in the rainforests of western and central Africa
  • Genus Metacnemis 
    • localised in the south eastern area of south Africa
Genus Mesocnemis Goldtails Genus Distribution Map Africa July 20212021Genus Mesocnemis
Genus Metacnemis Goldtails Genus Distribution Map Africa July 20212021Genus Metacnemis,
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