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What am I - Dragonfly

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A quick look

100 840 Trithemis arteriosa Red vained Dropwing Komatipoort Sept 2016r 1Dragonfly

102 523 Female Anac imperator Blue emperor Moreleta kloof

100 1851 Acisoma inflatum Stout Pintail Male Tzaneen LP RSA Mch 2016r 2

100 2420 Phyllomacromia picta Darting Cruiser Male Songimvelo Nature Reserve MP RSA Febr 2019r 2

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  • What Size am I
  • What Colour am I

    • Black green yellow Brown
  •  Features

    • Wing Patches and Markings


What size am I

  • Very large
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What colour am I

  • Black green yellow Brown
  • Blue / Grey
  • Red


  • Black Green Yellow  or Brown
  •  Blue Or Grey

What featured do I have

Blue / Black
      Wing Patches and Markings:

  • Blue
  •  Red