African Darters

Family Libellulidae      (Leach, 1815_


This genus was recently described by Dijkstra & Pilgrim, 2007

  • T. navasi is widespread and locally common along sunned grassy verges of rivers, ponds and lakes; T. congoense occurs with it from central DR Congo to south-eastern Gabon, favouring similar but smaller water bodies like small rivers, streams and pools.
General information:
  • Male size,Hind wing 23-35 mm all wings with 0 cell-doublings in radial planate [0-2]
  • Pterostigmas never black-and-white and wings at most with dark tips or bases or with overall yellowish infusion
  • Front wing supratriangles without cross-veins.  Front wing triangle of 2-3 cells, subtriangle of 3-6 cells. Discoidal field of 3-4 rows at base. 6½-8½ Ax in front wing. arculus between Ax1-2, usually closest to Ax1. If Abd ventrally red or orange, then dorsum similarly coloured.
  • Body parts uniform: thorax unmarked; frons without band.
  • Mid and hind femur all black.
  • Abdomen S1-10 unmarked.
  • Wing venation blackish. Front wing discoidal field 5-8 cells wide on wing border.
  • Only males are shown
  • To view females follow the menu links to the species description page
Genus Trithetrummap Distribution MapGenus Distribution Map

 Adapted from Dijkstra & Clausnitzer 2014