Order ODONATA Fabricius, 1793

  • 2 species in Africa
  • 2 species in Asia (one recently described)
Southern Africa
  • One species 
General description:
  • Closely related to the Scarlets (Genus Crocothemis)    100 998 Crocothemis erythraea Broad Scarlet Kloofzight GP RSA Oct 2016r 2
  • Fairly large (hindwing 31-42 mm) with speckled bodies
  • The vertex bears two sharp points on Horned Rockdweller, Bradinopyga cornuta.  
  • Only one species is found, in most area, the red B. strachani in central and western Africa, and the brown B. cornuta in eastern and southern Africa. They overlap from western Kenya and Uganda to Katanga
Habitat and behaviour
  • Both species reproduce in rock pools filled by rain or flood water, as well as in their artificial equivalents, such as concrete basins and open water tanks. They typically settle on boulders and walls, their intricate markings matching the mottled surface of rock and lichens
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