Family Chlorocyphidae Cowley, 1937
  • Genus Platycypha .4 Genera, 12 species. 2 species in Southern Africa. One is endemic
  • Genus Chlorocypha.  About 30 Species in Africa One species, Chlorocypha consueta have historic records in South Africa.
  • Genus Africocypha, Localised Lower Guinean genus
  • Genus Stenocypha,(Slender Jewels) 5 Species centered in the Albertine Rift Valley of Central Africa
  • The family occurs only in the Old World tropics, but is absent from Madagascar and Australia.
  • It comprises fifteen to twenty genera, the majority of which are Oriental.
  • However, with almost 50 species, about a third of the family’s species diversity is Afrotropical.

Genus Africocypha Distibution Map July 2021Family ChlorocyphidaGenus Africocypha


Genus Chlorocypha Distribution Map July 2021Family Chlorocyphida
Genus Chlorocypha

Genus Platycypha Distribution Map July 2021Family Chlorocyphida
Genus Platycypha

Family Chlorocyphida Genus Stenocypha Distribution Map July 2021Family Chlorocyphida
Genus Stenocypha

General Information:
  • Jewels are recognised by their pig-like snout, short abdomen and bright colours, especially reds and blues.
  • Females of most species are dull.
  • Males have dancing courtship and territorial displays. During these displays they flaunt the colours of their legs.
  • Boulder Jewel, Platycypha fitzsimonsi is endemic to South Africa
  • There are only historic records of Ruby Jewel, Chlorocypha consueta, in South Africa.
General Identification information:
  • Species identifications should be based on mature males only.
  • Immature specimens may have very dull and different colours and cannot reliably be identified.
  • When cold, specimens often appear darker and blotchy.
  • Females must preferably be identifies in conjunction with a male.

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