Family Coenagrionidae Kirby, 1890
  • Genus ranges across the tropics of Africa, Asia and Australia with almost 30 species, twelve of them African.
  • 12 Species in Africa
Southern Africa
  • Two species in South Africa, with one species classified as very rare in South Africa
  • Extensive variation in the extent of black markings and similarities in the appendages make their taxonomy and identification problematic.
  • Favour puddles, pools and marshy patches, often in or near forest, and can be erratic in occurrence. Males may sit on exposed perches such as loose grass far from the edge of rain pools
General Identification:
  • Small to fairly large (hindwing 12-25 mm), very sleek damselflies
  • Easily confused with genus Africallagma, Bluets
  • Most species have very slender abdomen and few dark markings, being pale brownish when young and mostly blue (and sometimes green) with maturity.


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  • The genus is most diverse in the rainforests of western and central Africa.

Genus Aciagrion Genus Distribution Map Africa July2021