Family Libellulidae Leach, 1815

Distribution Worldwide
  • 30 species 
  • Known in the New World as saddlebags for their wing markings, this genus is nearly cosmopolitan
  • 2 Species
General identification features
  • Both species are large (hindwing 38-43 mm) brown to red dragonflies
  • Wing with very distinctive Markings
Habitat and behaviour
  • Well dispersed
  • Following rains and breeding in seasonal pools and marshes.
  • Often swarming together with Pantala flavescens
  • Tend to glide and hover, resting pendulantly in sheltered places.
  • Often perch in the ‘pennant’ position at the end of high or exposed stakes, with wings raised and abdomen either also slightly up or pressed down.
Genus Tramea Genuss Distrubution Africa July 2021




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