Interesting facts

100 1734 Palpopleura jacunda Yellow veined Widow Male Welgevonden RSA Dec 2017r 1
Palpopleura jacunda, Yellow-veined Widow Male
One of the smallest Dragonflies in the southern region

Beautiful Damselflies

100 024 Ceriagrion glabrum Common Citril Mystic Monkeys LP RSA Jan 2017r 1
Ceriagrion glabrum
Common Citril
100 269 Allocnemis leucosticta Goldtail Male Laduma LP RSA Dec 2018r 8
Allocnemis leucosticta

Beautiful Dragonflies

Acisoma inflatum, Stout Pintail
Acisoma inflatum
Stout Pintail
Brachythemis lacustris, Red Groundling
Brachythemis lacustris,
Red Groundling

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