Coastal Pennant

Family Libellulidae        (Leach, 1815)

Distribution Worldwide
  • 2 species. One visible in the Caribbean and Gulf of California and one visible from Oman along the Arabian peninsula, Mauritius to far north east South Africa with needs confirmation in some east African countries 
Southern Africa

A rare species in the north east of KZN

General identification features
  • Superficially like the equally all-red Urothemis assignata
  • Distinguished from other red species is the absence of distinctive wing patches except for some amber markings at the hindwing base anwel defined hour glass shaped marking on the long slender abdomen.
Habitat and behaviour
  • Frequents  margins of open water. Tolerant of higher water salinity levels.
  • Perch on reeds and stems of branches overhanging water
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