Identification - All Dropwings

100 930 Trithemis furva Navy Dropwing Male Nwanedi LP RSA Dec 2015 1 r 2Navy Dropwing Trithemis furva
Orange winged Trithemis kirbyi Dropwing Male Marken LP RSA Dec 2017r 2Orange-winged
Trithemis kirbyi 
100 901 Trithemis annulata Violet Dropwing Komatipoort Sept 2016r 11Violet DropwingTrithemis annulata
100 1761 Pseudagrion Kersteni Powder faced Sprite Male Ezemvelo GP RSA Sept 2019r 2Red-veined Dropwing
Trithemis arteriosa
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  • Click on the link provided below to open the visual list.
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  • Decide on the primary colour of the species. Look at red, brown, Violet, Orange, light and dark blue. This is the primary colours for Dropwings
  • Compare image of the species to the list of all South African species, grouped by primary colour 100 1892 Paragomphus genei Common Hooktail Zaagkuildrift NWP RSA Febr 2017r 5 2for closer identification
  •  Compare the features based on images of the thorax100 945 Paragomphus genei Common Hooktail Male Ndumo KZN RSA Mch 2019r 1 for the perfect identification
  • Compare the abdomen markings 100 860 Trithemis arteriosa Red vained Dropwing Male Close UP RNR GP RSA Mch 2018r 14
  • Compare the wing markings 100 3132 Gomphidia guarrei Southern Fingertail Male Close up Leselo Lodge LP RSA OCT 2020r 23
General identification features
  • Coloured in combinations of red, brown, Violet, Orange, light and dark blue. This is the most common feature for this family.
  • All species have very distinctive markings on lateral and dorsal thorax.
  • Several species with distinctive abdomen markings This may change with age
  • Several species  may have distinct wing markings
  • Images ordered in alphabetical by scientific names
  • Only males are shown. To view images of female please follow the link provided by clicking on the image to the description page 
  • To view females follow the menu links to the species description page 
  • Click on images links to the species detail page
HERE we go into the world of identifying a Dropwing Dragonfly

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