Fingertails Africa

Family Gomphidae      Rambur, 1842

Worldwide distribution
  • Found in tropical Africa and Asia. The Asia and Africa groups may in future be separated into different genera
General description:
  • Separated by clasper morphology
  • Fairly large (hindwing 31-39)
  • Males are easily misidentifies as Ictinogomphus with their long yellow-ringed abdomen 
  • In contrast with Ictinogomphus the abdomen is clubbed but without foliations.
  • The western African G. gamblesi is always dark, the two species in eastern and central Africa occur in dark and pale varieties, which have been considered separate species.More insight into these forms may be found in Afican Dragonflies &Damselflies Online 
Habitat and behaviour
  • Perching along open rivers and larger streams in savanna to forest
Identification guide
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A selection of images
Identification guide

Click HERE for an identification guide for Clubtails based on images of the thorax

Images of southern African Clubtails